Tired of waiting to look manly? Get your beard

How to grow facial hairs faster. You do not have to worry if beard is not growing. Just easy and simple steps will give you manly looks.

Are you really upset because people taunt you about your beardless face? You want facial hairs? But sadly you have not one. So here is a simple guide for growing your dear beard very quickly. But remember, it requires a lot of patience and often ‘luck’ to grow an awesome beard. There is nothing to be disheartened or disappointed, who knows you grow a beard which none other has. Also, you can have fast growing and wonderful beard if you follow these steps.

There is a tradition that beardless people shave often believing that shaving encourages facial hair growth. Or some believe that using shaving cream increases the rate of hair growing. Such people have both, no evidence as well as there is any sort of scientific evidence to support such myths. They are totally in bad luck. In fact, shaving has no relationship with facial growth rather if your facial hair growth is too slow then you should not shave because the hairs you grew with a lot of effort, might not grow again. If you want to design your beard according to your ideal then you need to have some hairs so don’t waste it by shaving often.

Rogaine is a known product which is designed to encourage growth. It is approved by Federal Development Authority. Originally, this product was created to counter hypertension but eventually, through a lot of research showcased that this product also encourages the hair growth. So currently it is being widely used.

So here is what you should try, use Rogaine or Minoxidil. This is some sort of stand against drugs and can be bought without any need of medical prescription. Basically, Rogaine is foam which is applied on face surface, from outside. It has a simple method for using, apply it on your face and prevent washing your face for almost four hours.
So what does this foam or cream do?

When you massage your skin with Rogaine foam or cream, the hair follicles become stimulated or encouraged, this encouragement or stimulation leads to high rate of blood flow in that specific area and therefore encourages growth. To get the results according to your expectations you need to apply it at least twice a day and keep this process for two to four months.
There are some side effects of this product as well. Some people feel irritation and itchiness after applying it on common bases but if you start getting rashes or skin burn after you apply this foam, ten stop using it. It will be best if you consult your dermatologist to know whether you are allergic to it or not.
The basic function of this product is to increase the blood circulation in the affected area and to counter the baldness issues. This process facilitates the growth of hairs.

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