Does the use of Rogaine on face effective?

Using Rogaine on face for the growth of beard has some interesting results but there are some side effects as well.

In this modern time, people are facing a lot of stress and depression in their home lives as well as their personal life. This stress and depression leads to several physical disorders and insufficiencies in an individual. Another reason for these physical disorders and insufficiencies is the introduction of new chemicals and medicines. The point is, people are starting to face many problems in their early adulthood. For example, some people do not grow a single hair on their face, they are beardless or with no mustache and they become victims of the taunts from society.  This has led to development of many products and facial surgeries in recent times.

Rogaine is a product which is basically designed to increase the growth of hairs. It is approved by Federal Development Authority (FDA). At first, Rogaine was developed to treat the people who are suffering from hypertension but it was observed that it encouraged the growth of hair as well along with the hypertension. So since then it is being used as hair growth agent.  One more thing to remember is that it was not developed for using on the face rather it was developed to be used for baldness but nowadays it is being used for facial hair growth as well.

Rogaine is like a foam or cream. It is used for the facial hair growth and scalp. There is a simple and easy way to use it. Dry the area where you want to apply it and massage it. Do not wash that area for four hours. To get the best results you have to apply Rogaine two times a day, morning and night, for almost two to four months.

When the Rogaine is applied to affected area on your skin, the hair follicles get stimulated which leads to an increased rate of blood circulation in that area, this high circulation provides the essential nutrients needed for growth, thus encourages the hair growth.
Besides its good results, it has some side effects as well. You may face some kind of irritation or itchiness after applying Rogaine but if on further use, you get some rashes or skin burns then stop using it and refer to a doctor.

The effectiveness of this product is quite appreciable. Although this product was not basically created to counter the issues of baldness rather the original reason of it was to increase the flow of blood in the affected region. So this product might not give the expected results all times which may be because of their genes or sensitivity of the skin. Even though, people develop a thin layer of light hairs on the applied area. The point is, instead of using it against baldness, it should be used to make your face look hairy. If your facial hairs have started to fall or want to make the growth rate fast then Rogaine is your product.

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